Ryan: In a way we were trying to make a werewolf movie, without the makeup.

Interviewer: Because he (the driver) can be very sweet and innocent and lovely and then turn on a dime into a very violent killer?

Ryan: Yeah. Into a werewolf. And you watch him morph in that elevator. That kiss is his goodbye to his human self. Also, I just wanted to kiss Carey Mulligan, and I wasn’t gonna get to do it in the movie, so I said maybe I should kiss Carey. Then Nicolas said okay, and right when I kissed her, he made them turn down all the lights. All the lights faded away and we kissed, and then I became a werewolf and smashed the head. (laughs)

Ryan Gosling on the elevator scene in Drive

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'Gone Girl' Trailer Premieres



The new trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl, an adaption of Gillian Flynn’s 2012 novel, has appeared online. The film, starring Ben Affleck and Neil Patrick Harris, is set to arrive in theaters October 3rd. You can watch the trailer here.